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Name: Toby Adamson

Job Title: Account Director

My day starts with….Reading the newspaper on my iPad. I like to get up early and read it cover to cover over a cup of coffee. It might not be typical ‘millennial’ behavior but it is a real luxury that should not solely be the preserve of the retired!

I’m responsible for….Ensuring my clients are happy and that we are providing the highest quality work for them. It is also my duty to challenge my clients to invest in the right strategy and the best channels based on what they want to achieve.

What brought me to Rocket….I came to Rocket because of the friendly faces I met and spoke to at interview. From the moment I came to Rocket 3 ½ years ago I have always felt completely at home. I love the sociable atmosphere where you’re just as likely to be sat next to an eager young graduate as you are our CEO. It is also a place where you can forge your own career – you just need to stick your neck out and show people what you’re made of!

A typical day in my role….When I get in I like to check in with the team to make sure there are no problems with any of the campaigns currently running. It’s important we keep the clients up to date on an ongoing basis and give them insight as to what we can do to build and optimise on our activity, whether this is on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Once or twice a week I will break my morning up by going for coffee with one of our media partners. No matter if it’s outdoor, AV or digital it is important to keep up to date with innovation and change happening around us. Only then can we be the experts that our clients expect.

If there are no client meetings in the diary then afternoons tend to be spent at my desk, pulling together a media recommendation for one of our clients or tweaking the long-term strategy of a brand.

With any luck I will be out of the office by 6ish and heading to the Lord Clyde for a well earned beer!

The best part of my job….Is the challenge. I love using my brain, whether this is to devise a strategy, to sell in a campaign or to write a blog for the website. Colleagues and clients alike are always challenging us as to why we’re recommending what we’re doing – you just can’t afford to stop thinking! The moment we stop being tested is the time to move on and do something else.

It is also a place where you can forge your own career - you just need to stick your neck out and show people what you’re made of!

If I could change one thing….It would be Tuesdays. Who invented Tuesdays?

I constantly strive to Know More about….My clients. In my experience clients really want to know that you care about their brand or business. We care about our clients above everything else here at Rocket and I want to know all about them so we can come up with the best plan of action to help them grow.

When I’m not at work I….Run. There is no better way to clear your mind, revitalize your body and to keep fit and healthy than going for a jog. My next marathon is in October so it is time to crank up this obsession; much to the despair of my wife!

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