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Name: Lily Gaffney 

Job Title: Campaign Manager

My day starts with….an alarm at 7.30am, I hardly ever get out of bed before 8am but it’s nice to at least pretend I do! I get up, grab whatever coffee I can find and put whichever Spotify playlist I’m favouring that week on. I get ready while simultaneously working out what I have to do that day, I like to know what I’m doing before I leave the house so that I feel prepped for the day. After a 30-minute commute I grab a free breakfast from the 7th floor (thanks Rocket!) and settle in at my desk for the day ahead.

I’m responsible for….on a day to day capacity; planning, implementing and managing any campaigns my clients are running. In a wider context I’m responsible for helping shape my clients media strategy in the most effective way to help them reach their marketing objectives.

What brought me to Rocket…. I’m sure everyone says this, but it is a really unique and inclusive place to work, I think a place where everyone is activiely encouraged to be themselves, share their opinions and more importantly emphasise their quirks is so important to enjoying your work life. Oh and the free drinks each Friday certainly help too!

A typical day in my role…. I don’t think there is one, everyday is usually completely different, with different client needs, meetings and workloads that change each day. We even hot-desk so change desks each day, nothing stays the same for long!

The best part of my job….has to be working with clients and other agencies to bring an idea to life and then ultimately being able to see its wider impact.

If I could change one thing…. I would install an endless supply cheese in the office, I’ve personally never faced a problem that cheese hasn’t helped solving. Not sure about the smell though…

I constantly strive to Know More about…. anything and everything! I think its imperative that we all know about any tech and media developments, so that we can know how to use media channels not only in isolation – but bring all media channels together to work even harder for a campaign.

When I’m not at work I…. eat, drink and be as merry as possible – I’ve always wondered why people feel that’s only applicable at Christmas time?



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