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Name: Amy O’Malley
Job Title: Head of Partnerships

My day starts with….an absurdly early alarm*! The exact time varies, but as a dedicated member of 1Rebel I kick off each morning with a HIIT, boxing or spin class four days a week (normally Monday to Thursday, Friday tends to be a ‘rest day’). If I’m organised I’ll down a homemade post-workout green smoothie on the walk from Moorgate to Bankside, otherwise I tend to shell out for a protein smoothie at the gym. An almond latte later, and I’m at my desk and ready to attack the to-do list.

*and a quick flick through Facebook and Instagram

I’m responsible for….proactively recommending, creating, managing, evaluating and implementing media partnerships at Rocket across our broad portfolio of clients.
What brought me to Rocket….The opportunity to build a department my way from the ground up. Traditionally Rocket partnerships have been run out of our sister Omnicom agencies via their specialist business units, so the idea of coming to such an awesome agency to start a department and grow it was a unique opportunity, and far too good to pass up!

A typical day in my role…N/A! In my experience, there is no such thing as a typical day in the world of partnerships. Some days you’ll find me focused on proactively pushing a new proposal that has come to market that I feel would be a fantastic fit for a Rocket client; some will be spent project managing existing deals; others will be spent taking briefs from the Planning teams or evaluating media owner responses and pulling together RTBs for clients.

Not only do media partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, but I have the pleasure of working across all of our clients

The best part of my job….is how varied it is, in every sense. Not only do media partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, but I have the pleasure of working across all of our clients, and I get to be involved in the value evaluation, ideation, and management of deals. Mine really is a left-and-right-side-of-the-brain kind of role. I also thoroughly enjoy working with so many different media owners – this industry is renowned for hiring bright, personable people, so getting to talk to reps across a broad range of platforms is a real treat.

If I could change one thing….it’d be the unpredictability of it all. The variation that I love and ability to be creative and boundary-pushing also means there are a lot of grey areas. Any good deal will push the envelope as a means to create great content for brands and consumers, and create stand-out from the competitors, but being something of a control freak the unknown can sometimes put me on edge. But then again, who doesn’t love a challenge?!

I constantly strive to Know More about…what’s coming next. When I started in partnerships, a TV sponsorship which included VOD idents or a series of print advertorials repurposed for the publisher’s online platforms was considered ‘innovative’. Skip ahead five years, and partnerships can encompass all platforms, talent and social deals, product integration, AR and so much more. Knowing what the ‘next big thing’ is crucial to keeping ahead of the curve and ensuring Rocket clients are utilising as many consumer touchpoints as possible to ensure maximum engagement.

When I’m not at work I….am likely to be found on my sofa or propping up the nearest bar. I’m a real all-or-nothing character, so on any given weeknight I’ll either be binge-watching something on Netflix (currently Master of None, soon to be House of Cards), or I’ll be throwing shapes in the Bourne and Hollingsworth with a teacup cocktail.

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