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Name: Camilla Cottrell      

Job Title: Head of Display Publishing


My day starts with…  A 6.29am wake up call, as the thought of setting an alarm on an even minute fills me with fear for no apparent reason, and I like to get up early and make the most of the morning. I feed my two awesome cats (Daisy and Coconut) and then jump on my bike, head to toe in Lycra – minus those weird nerdy cycling shoes – and get myself to the gym to hone this body within an inch of one’s life so that one day I may finally get mistaken for Gisele on the beach. I then re-fuel my body with copious amounts of coffee and a free breakfast from the work canteen before I make a start on my every changing to do list.   

What brought me to Rocket…. Was a unique agency culture where company funded Friday drinks in the pub are compulsory...

I’m responsible for…. Developing, implementing and managing innovative digital media solutions that deliver results and push boundaries for our clients, with the support of my eight strong team of digital media experts.

What brought me to Rocket….  Was a unique agency culture where company funded Friday drinks in the pub are compulsory, an interesting and varied set of clients, and an agency wide desire to know more for these clients and our industry.

A typical day in my role…. Varies significantly day to day. Some days are spent in almost nonstop meetings ranging from internal team meetings where we discuss client briefs and campaigns, to external meetings with media partners to ensure we’re constantly at the forefront of new opportunities in the market, to client meetings, and Omnicom wide mobile and programmatic meetings. On the other hand, some days may be spent at my desk working on agency process documents or supporting the team with planning, reporting and troubleshooting.

The best part of my job….  Is the variety of people and teams I get to work with and meet on a daily basis, which means it never gets boring. That and media lunches.

If I could change one thing…. It would be to allow dogs in the office, because we all know animals make even the craziest of people calmer, happier and more productive, and I have joint custody of a pug that’s eager to join in the fun. Oh, and have a fizzy water tap installed in the kitchen….

I constantly strive to Know More about…. How data can help shape our media and deliver interesting and useful insights to our clients. This, along with all things programmatic as it’s arguably the most important developing area within the industry as a whole, where the opportunities are seemingly endless and evolving every day. I’m also constantly striving to know more about wine, purely so that, in the words of Michael McIntyre, one day I can confidently take the lead role in the bullshit production of selecting wine at dinner.

When I’m not at work I…. spend as much time as I can with my girlfriends catching up on life over yet more wine, deliver on being the world’s best girlfriend by having a genuine interest in the Gooners (likely awful) match day performance, and let off steam at a techno night whenever the aging body allows. Occasionally I like to squeeze in a bit of gardening too…

If I wasn’t a media mastermind… I’d be an equine vet. I started a degree in equine veterinary science but threw in the towel when I passed out attempting to dissect a horse’s head, despite this, the love is still there.

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