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Amazon Dash Button

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As if we needed another way to make shopping easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% Amazon Prime’s bitch. A love/hate relationship, which if I’m completely honest with myself, is much closer to love. Ok fine I love it. It’s just too good.

What isn’t good, is their newly launched invention, the Dash Button. Which, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a physical button, which is connected to your Amazon Prime account and allows you to order the particular product the button is made for at the press of it, for next day delivery.

Yes pressing a button is ‘easier’, but think of the complex chain of events that one action unlocks…

There are 48 brands already signed up, not only spanning household products, but also toys, personal care, drinks and pet food. The full list can be found here:

The Global Vice President of Digital Sales at Reckitt Benckiser claims: ‘The Dash button makes it easier than ever to stay stocked-up on the essential items you use every day’

Hmm. Surely if you are able-bodied and you’ve run out of something, you could just pop to the shop and get it that day. Yes pressing a button is ‘easier’, but think of the complex chain of events that one action unlocks…

The environmental implications of this frighten me. If you’ve ordered a package from Amazon (or sadly, almost anywhere), you may have found your item rattling around in an oversized box, with streams of paper surrounding it. This sort of thing prompts packaging shaming posts, with customers taking to Twitter to name the offending companies, often with incriminating photos to show the excessive housing the watch battery they ordered arrived in.

So Amazon are now telling us we should be going through this more than we already do, by ordering single commodities through them. The buttons only cater for one product each; all of which are easy to find in most supermarkets or corner stores, where you’ll likely leave with them in a 5p bag, with other purchases accompanying them. Moving from this, to shipping a mass of future recycling across the country, using manpower and pumping out petrol fumes, just to get you a solitary 99p bottle of Fairy Liquid can’t be a helpful or sustainable thing.

Very worried about visiting someone’s house and it looking like this, with lazy buttons everywhere.


Having said that, anyone who gets a Durex Dash Button (which does exist), will get a high five. Especially if placed in an amusing place.

Rebecca Hughes – Strategy Director

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