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SEGA Football Manager


To sustain growth we needed to move Football Manager away from being viewed as purely a video game, to being an integral part of Football culture.


Courtesy of a global scouting network of more than 1,300 people, Football Manager contains more data than any other football game; data which is used by professional clubs all over the world. It was crucial that we brought this to life and what better way than by affiliating ourselves with an established and trusted voice in football, Sky Sports.

In a media-first, we fused data from the world famous video game with Sky Sports News, using it to inform real life in-programme punditry during the lead up to Transfer Deadline Day in the summer of 2015, alongside sponsorship of the Countdown Clock. We essentially created a brand new category of advertising, the ultimate product placement!


  • 4.5 million households saw the campaign on the day, however earned media success far exceeded this, as mainstream news outlets around the world picked up the story and the campaign went truly viral.

  • On the sales front Football Manager 2016 had a record breaking day one and sold 110,000 digital and physical units in its first week on sale in the UK.

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