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to position uktv play as energetic, disruptive and above all as one that the country could truly identify with.  with people now exposed to 5000+ ads a day, it was imperative we did things differently to create impact, drive engagement and ultimately downloads.


The campaign idea ‘Love your thing’ celebrated the variety of British TV viewers’ tastes, whatever they are. And contextual media allowed UKTV Play to showcase the huge variety of quality content available on the service, reflecting how people’s entertainment choices can change based on what is going on in the world around them.

Ahead of the campaign launch, our DOOH strategy had already achieved accolade winning Talon’s ‘Smarter as Standard’ competition, providing £250k’s worth of free DOOH.  This allowed us to bolster UKTV’s own fantastic on-air TV campaign with highly targeted DOOH, alongside mobile (targeting people who had visited competitor apps and websites in the last 30 days), biddable (targeted by competitors, shows, behaviours, conversation topics) , PPC (which picked up queries generated by both online and offline activities) and OOH (building frequency).

Our award-winning DOOH campaign strategy used dynamic, programmatically informed campaign creative that was activated based on a range of factors.  Different creative logic rules ran across five groups based on location: malls (daypart), high street (weather), roadside (traffic density), underground (location, daypart) and national rail (localisation).  In addition to this we used overnight BARB data and social media trends to remind audiences of the most popular recently aired programming available to stream on the on-demand service.



  • Relevancy definitely prompted resonance! Contextual adverts were 2 x more appealing than non-contextual.

  • UKTV saw an 86% increase in downloads of the app during the campaign period with a 49% increase on views to UKTV Play.

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