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Digital Native?

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I’m just going to get this out of the way early, I’m a millennial. I put syrup in my hot chocolate, I go to pop up food events and know what’s cool before Buzzfeed does (sometimes). So quite often I’m expected to know intrinsically about digital, but when it comes to work, what does digital native mean?

Being online 24/7 helps me to know what’s going on. When my phone isn’t about my person I’m overwhelmed with angst, the FOMO sets in and I need my fix. Being in media pushes this even further. There’s a recent report from Thinkbox called TV Nation that says ‘Ad people’ are social media addicts, with 90% on Facebook in the past three months vs 62% of ‘Normal’ people.  Twitter is even more extreme with 81% vs 22%. It makes a lot of sense; after all, I need to know who has run a great canvas ad, or what your can do with a sponsored Snapchat lens to be able to recommend them to my clients. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

…‘Ad people’ are social media addicts, with 90% on Facebook in the past three months vs 62% of ‘Normal’ people

In a world where we’re constantly connected and where ‘Ad people’ are even more so, what does this mean for us as people? Twenty minutes on Google will tell you technology is rotting our brains, we’ve replaced drugs with Instagram likes and are rewiring our brains to forget useful information.

However, with the online world broadening and digital capabilities increasing every day, there are so many things to learn, my brain isn’t stagnating at all.  I may have forgotten the details of that time when I was seven and I went to a thing in a place with a girl named Jess, but I’ve learnt a lot about targeting and KPI setting. I’ve become more analytical from looking at the data we get through in reports, much more than we see from a press campaign for example. I’ve become clearer in my emails because platforms are complex and fluid.

The truth is that it takes a lot of work to keep up to date with developments across the industry and whilst we have amazing specialist teams, quite often it’s the planning team that the client comes to first. I have to know what I’m talking about at all times, be that the meaning of an SSP or how we can optimise in Facebook and this knowledge makes me a better planner and a more well-rounded human being.  I’m a digital native and proud.

Danni Meesschaert – Campaign Planner

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