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It’s Like in Outdoor When…

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At the beginning of April, after three-and-a-half years working for an Out-of-Home Specialist, I rather excitedly made the jump across to Rocket and in the process my first steps into wider media planning. Notwithstanding my passion for outdoor advertising, the decision to move was motived by a desire to broaden my knowledge and understanding of communications planning and ‘the other 90%’. Having worked closely alongside Rocket in my previous role, it felt like the perfect place for me to do this. So, you may ask, how have the first six weeks been?

As you might expect, the first hurdle to overcome is all the varying terminology that exists within all of the new channels I was quickly being introduced to. To complicate matters slightly, my ears would prick when certain overlapping terms were mentioned in meetings that definitely weren’t about OOH. Banners? Sure, I’ll give BlowUp a call. No Mike. Our industry’s habit of overusing acronyms stilted my education further. PPC, CPC, BAU, SEM, WTF?! Fortunately, my colleagues have developed a rather nifty trick of translating everything into OOH language for me; “it’s like in outdoor when…”

A separate challenge has been making the switch from working for one of Rocket’s partners to working within the agency itself, but on the same clients and campaigns. In a quite bizarre twist, during my first week I found myself receiving an OOH plan that I myself had pulled together in a previous life and perhaps even more strangely, critiquing it. On a rare serious note within this blog, attaining a closer overview of the role OOH plays within our full media plans is very enlightening and I only wish that I had some of this insight when I was starting out in my previous role.

attaining a closer overview of the role OOH plays within our full media plans is very enlightening

When starting any new job, you’ll immediately spot anything that differs from what you are used to. One such example here is Rocket’s ‘hot desking’ policy. Previously, I’ve always had my own desk and been very comfortable in leaving reams of paper, personal belongings and many other items that in all likelihood probably didn’t need to be kept. Through habit, my first few days were spent sat in the same chair before bravely making the courageous transition to the next desk along in week two. I’ve learnt window seats are hot property and more crucially who can be trusted to leave their desk tidy for the following day.

So, my journey continues and I am excited to discover what else lies ahead in this great industry we all work in. I trust my thirst for knowledge coupled with some enduring colleagues will allow me to survive and hopefully thrive in week seven and beyond but, if not, please be kind enough to compare everything to billboards for me?

Mike Huckerby, Campaign Manager

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