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The joy (and intricacies) of shouting about Rocket

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As is hopefully clear, our mantra is to ‘Know More’ and we take that incredibly seriously. It sits at the heart of all we do as a business, and really comes from the fact that as a company, we’re a group of inquisitive, creative and very much authentic people. As someone who has been with Rocket for 6 months, I can honestly say I’ve been overwhelmed with the lovely culture we have that comes from this authenticity, and it seems, Rocket’s way of attracting thoroughly nice people.

So my task was in many ways an easy one – to take this great personality, culture and approach out to people. However as lovely a bunch as the Rocketeers are, they can be a little bit shy at times. No fabrication needed though….we have an amazing amount to talk about, we just need to be a bit pluckier about doing it.

The brief for our branding was to keep Rocket’s personality shining through, whilst also conveying just how important ‘Know More’ is to us as a business. So a fun, authentic, individual and creative personality needed to sit alongside our inquisitive, constant striving to look beyond the obvious.

We’ve gone BOLD with colours, our Rocket colours that have always shown off our character; we’ve just splashed them about a bit more!

We went out into the world around us…Bankside…and we looked beyond the obvious

Then for the intricacies of Know More. As we always look beneath the surface, into the complexities of a clients’ objectives, their customers, our marketplace, and the wider world around us, it made sense to use this in its literal sense.  We went out into the world around us…Bankside…and we looked beyond the obvious, into the amazing patterns that are there in the everyday. The black and white photos we have used are close ups of the remarkable architecture and detail we are lucky enough to have around us, along the river, through the streets of Bankside and in the delectable Borough Market. From the sleek to the more gritty and urban, we’ve shown the beautiful details just below the surface of our everyday. We have also used subtle patterns within our Rocket colours, further highlighting the two areas we wanted to bring to the fore; our personality and our approach.

Have a look around the website and hopefully the content will speak for itself…you’ll get the chance to ‘meet’ our fantastic team, see some of the work we take a huge amount of pride in, and find out a little more about us.

Like I said, and I’m sure you’ll agree, I’ve got a rather nice job on my hands!

Lucinda Johnson – Marketing & New Business Director

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