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What we loved in 2016…what we’re looking forward to in 2017

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An important part of our Know More approach is our fortnightly Rocket Fuel meeting. As inquisitive, open-minded people with a thirst for knowledge, we commit to spending this time together, exploring interests both within the media world and outside. 2016 saw passionate Rocketeers share their personal interests spanning everything from the life of bats, photography and Pokémon Go to Northern Culture and Jazz music. This week we spent the session reflecting on our 2016 highlights, and looking ahead to what 2017 has in store for us.

An important part of our Know More approach is our fortnightly Rocket Fuel meeting

Ben kicked off by revealing his music review blog and the success this has had in 2016. The pocket operator is Ben’s 2017 passion and he took delight in demonstrating the capacity of the small but nifty device, albeit with a few technical difficulties.

Over the course of 2016 Amy spent time visiting different parts of the UK, particularly Cornwall (where she and Matt Evans got hitched!), and was blown away by the often understated beauty of our country. She has pledged to spend more time exploring the UK and encouraged us all to consider staying closer to home for our next holiday instead of being eager to jump on a plane. For Amy, one thing she is looking forward to in 2017 is the David Hockney exhibition at the Tate Britain, celebrating the remarkable achievements of the artist and his amazing integration of new technologies into his work.

During 2016 Matt P embraced the increasingly popular Park Run, 5km timed running events that take place across 420 parks worldwide. He ended the year on a high by hitting his target of a sub-18minute run. Continuing the theme of outdoors activities, 2017 will be Matt’s year of beach volleyball.

For Lily, her 2016 highlight was exploring the delights of Burma, a country she described as both beautiful but steeped in a fascinating history. In 2017 Lily is most looking forward to visiting more Secret Cinema events, the immersive theatre experience taking London by storm.

We also heard of pandas and rural life from John, Stranger Things and surgical transplants from Matt E, running and stability from Tom, an amazing year of music and football anticipation for 2017 from Matt Hirschler, and finally…reading and comedy from Matt Holliday.

This topped off 12 months of inspiring knowledge sharing sessions and demonstrates the breadth of passions and pursuits across the agency, and there’s certainly plenty to await in 2017.

Helen Burke – New Business and Marketing Executive

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