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My TV debut

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We recently saw the final ever season of Broadchurch air on ITV. Securing a spot in this series would be a highlight for any advertiser, and with the launch of Co-op Group on the same weekend as the final episode, it seemed an ideal opportunity to gain maximum exposure and feature. However, it was not only Co-op appearing in this series.

When I’m not planning and buying AV Campaigns, I play the drums in a rock cover band, The Alice Band. Last year we were approached by the second director of Broadchurch who was searching for a band to perform at a birthday party where the crime was going to take place. We were extremely keen and started to get quite excited at the thought of our debut appearance on TV, until we were told the recording dates and quickly we realised there was a slight issue.

Myself and the lead singer were due to return from a stag weekend in Budapest on the day we were due in the studio. Not wanting to miss out on our chance of stardom, or a lads weekend away, we looked into rearranging our flights so we could do both. The only option was to book a 5am flight from Budapest, landing in London at 7am before driving down to Dorset where the studio and filming was taking place. We decided this was doable and planned to leave the party on the final night of the stag do, and go straight to the airport…what could possibly go wrong?

Thankfully very little…we did almost miss our flight after falling asleep in the departure lounge but some friendly holiday makers woke us up just in time. After a long journey, we made it to the studio and successfully recorded all four songs in one afternoon. The next day we arrived at Bridehead House for filming. We were given ‘indie rocker’ costumes, setup our band rig and then spent quite a lot of time on scene repeating the same bits over and over and over again. It was fascinating to spend the day in front of the cameras and experience first-hand the process of recording for TV, as well as meeting some of the main characters- including Lenny Henry, who we managed to slip a business card to.

it was fascinating to spend the day in front of the cameras and experience first-hand the process of recording for TV

After filming was completed, it was now time for a long wait until our episode aired and we inevitably shot to fame. We were told our air date (the 4th episode in case you’re interested) and all band members eagerly gathered for a ‘watch party’. By 9pm the episode was due to begin and we couldn’t contain our excitement. After a brief ‘flashback’ to the birthday party where you could hear the music we recorded and glimpse of one band member, it quickly became clear that this was all the air time we were getting.

So for us, we didn’t even get 15 minutes of fame but a mere 15 seconds. Although this was quite disappointing, we were very grateful to have had the opportunity and to have made a bit of pocket money from ITV. And surely it’s only a matter of time before Lenny Henry digs out that business card and calls us.

Dave Childs, AV Buyer

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