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Oscars…where the cinema screen is a must

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Last night I went to see new Denzel-directed-Denzel-starring film, Fences. It is about Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington), a rubbish collector who lives with his wife and teenage son in Pittsburgh.  Fences is the sort of film I always think I would like to go and see but never end up actually seeing it.  So pat on the back for me for making the effort this time, and it was 100% worth it.  A simple story with big impact, Fences deserves to be seen on the big screen.

And if you don’t trust me (people always seem to judge me for my love of Coronation Street) apparently it has the “Academy” excited too. It has been nominated for a host of the top Academy Awards: Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role (Denzel Washington), Actress in a Supporting Role (Viola Davis) and Writing-Adapted Screenplay (August Wilson). The nuanced acting deserves all the awards they are up for this season, which potentially is very biased considering I haven’t actually seen any of the other films nominated (all on my list!). Viola and Denzel really are both fantastic, and such a great combination; Rose (Viola) is the dignified antidote to Troy’s constant showboating.

Fences is the sort of film I always think I would like to go and see but never end up actually seeing was 100% worth it

For those who don’t already know, Fences started out as a stage production. Retrospectively, this seems obvious and explains a lot, but in the moment, the film is immersive and intimate and really quite touching (the girl next to me balled her eyes out).  In my mind this was because it was on the big screen. You really feel the highs and the lows and you go through it all with the characters. The film is all about the relationships of the characters, with shows of stark raw emotion, and I can’t imagine it having the same effect on a small screen.

If Fences doesn’t sound like your thing then another Oscar touted film I want to see, with a far different pace, is La La Land. After the clean sweep at the Golden Globes, (and Ryan Gosling as male lead), it seems like it has everything going for it. Other nominated films that look amazing (and are again on my hit list!) include Moonlight, Jackie and …Moana, and I encourage everyone to go and see at least one film in the cinema.

So to conclude my stream of consciousness, I want to convey (to anyone still reading) the absolute joy of the cinema-please don’t wait for DVD! Make time to go! You won’t regret it!

Please also note that I have kept this spoiler free and I have never written Denzel so many times in my life.

Eleanor Muhairez – AV Assistant

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