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The Spirit of Valentines

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For this blog post, following on from the Valentine’s Day spirit, myself (Tilly) and Issy have teamed up to bring you a post looking at our favourite pieces of media focused on love. With American Express predicting that this year’s V-Day saw Brits spending £27 million on just their pets, it’s clearly a holiday that brands need to pay attention to. Whether Valentine’s Day strikes you as a holiday or a horror, we’ve collated a few examples of love based things worth getting starry-eyed about.

Issy: I am sure most people already know of this very important news, especially if you are a Love Actually lover. If you don’t like Love Actually, then you might want to skip this section. If anything shows just how quickly the years have flown by (all fourteen of them), it’s this: Love Actually came out in 2003. Anyway, I’m not sure how other people found out, but I was scrolling through my Newsfeed and an article popped up …”Love Actually Cast Reuniting for Modern-Day Sequel”. I hope I wasn’t alone in thinking that this would be full feature length sequel. As much as I would have loved for this to be true, it would have had a lot to live up to. So, I was actually relieved when I read that the cast were only reuniting for a short sequel. It turns out that the ‘sequel’ will be only ten minutes long – not quite the two hours I was expecting. What I haven’t mentioned so far, is that the film, ‘Red Nose Day Actually’, is being created in aid of Comic Relief. The writer and director, Richard Curtis, said: “I would never have dreamt of writing a sequel to Love Actually, but I thought it might be fun to do 10 minutes to see what everyone is now up to.” Red Nose Day Actually will be broadcast on Friday 24th March, so make sure your Friday Night plans are a night in on the sofa.

we’ve collated a few examples of love based things worth getting starry-eyed about

Tilly: If you’re in the mood for love but not necessarily romance, I’ve recently gotten hooked onto the podcast Modern Love. It features well known personalities reading aloud from a popular New York Times column, as well as an interview with the essayist themselves at the end. Ranging from comical marital spats to a man’s efforts to connect with his disabled son, the essays are often funny, often thought-provoking and always heartfelt. Also with the dulcet tones of stars such as Colin Farrell and David Oyelowo reading them to you, what’s not to love? Each episode is a snackable 18 – 25 minutes, perfect for the commute or an alternative bedtime story.

For those who prefer their love a little more….gory, then Santa Clarita Diet, released earlier this month may be of interest. The show, which has divided critics, follows the story of a suburban mom and real estate agent Sheila (Drew Barrymore) who in a scene involving an extraordinary amount of vomit, becomes a zombie. The series is a testament first and foremost to the fact that Drew Barrymore can literally be chewing on a human finger and still come across as the nation’s sweetheart. Some may find the show an odd choice for me to mention for our *Love* special blog post, but for me one of the key focus’ of the show is how Sheila’s new lifestyle affects her relationship with her husband. As she struggles to explain to him, despite being presumably dead she has ‘never felt so alive’, he struggles to accept her new lack of constraint in regards to her attitude just as much as in regards to her, you know…eating people. A bit of a slow burn, the show is definitely (strangely) easy watching and if you’ve always wanted your family drama with a little more cannibalism than this might just be the programme for you.

Issy: Although it isn’t the type of campaign normally associated with Valentine’s Day, one of my favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns this year was the NHS Blood and Transplant short film ‘Kidney-Shaped Love’. I had no idea that the number of people waiting for a Kidney exceeds every other organ combined, with a waiting list of almost 5,000 people in the UK. The short film is set in a London working men’s club on Valentine’s night and begins with couples on a date, expecting to be entertained by a set of romantic ballads. They end up being played songs that features lyrics about organ donation, posing the question, would you give a kidney, rather than your heart, this Valentine’s Day?


Tilly: As a girl with an abundance of close single friends, one of my favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns this year was the Deliveroo ‘Third Wheel Kevin’. Kevin, the advert laments, is ‘a Single’ and cannot be possibly be happy due to being soul crushingly alone. However, the advert poses one glimmer of hope and happiness in Kevin’s life – Deliveroo’s new ‘Third Wheel’ takeaway deals. Couples can then treat their Singles to a Valentine’s Day spent with them, rather than of course……being soul-crushingly alone. The campaign is based on a 2000 strong survey which found that 37% of couples would be happy to have a guest for the day itself, and I feel like we all know a few couples which have an ever present ‘Third Wheel’ in their lives. I like this campaign because it did two of my favourite things: offered me takeaway food at reduced prices and made me laugh. What more can you ask for?

If you’ve managed to complete this blog post still feeling entirely un-romantic, then please follow this link for the perfect Valentine’s video to send out next year. Thanks for reading!

Tilly Payne & Issy Locke – Campaign Executives

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