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Time Out’s long-term experiential has us drooling

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I recently visited Lisbon and one of the best things about the city was a place called the Time Out Market. I know! A branded experience! One of the best things! But Lisbon is a beautiful historic port? What about the narrow streets? Yes, it is an impossibly charming city, but as a food lover, I was overwhelmed when we stumbled into the old market hall which houses Time Out’s permanent venture into food experience curation. It opened back in 2014 and since then, has actually become the number one tourist destination in the city, for good reason. It is a beautiful space and features over 30 different food vendors, some of them being mini offshoots of the best restaurants in Lisbon and others with world class cuisine from outside Portugal. It’s not all expensive, either.

I know! A branded experience! One of the best things!

The reason I mention it here is because Time Out has just announced it is bringing a second market to London! Shoreditch, specifically. I am a little disappointed by the location, if there’s one place here that has enough food markets, Shoreditch would be high up the list. Another area would surely benefit from an attraction of this kind? Spread people around a bit? Having said that, the exact venue hasn’t been announced and if Shoreditch was chosen because it has a particularly striking space, then it will win my vote. Lisbon’s choice of building makes it very special indeed.

This is really exciting long-term behaviour from Time Out. It is refreshing to see something permanent created, as opposed to the pop-ups and temporary brand experiences which are far easier to plan, sell-in and frankly, budget for. Brave, relevant, and something people genuinely want! The dream.


Rebecca Hughes – Creative Strategy Director

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